The Ideal You Seek is Here, Now...

Go Beyond the Egoic & Attached Mind to Find the Light Within & the Power to Attain the Ideal You Seek.

To Change What is Without, You must Change What is Within.

Your Outward Life is a reflection of our internal thoughts and emotions...
Learn the Power of Ancient Wisdom, the Mind, and the Imagination to Rewire Your Thoughts & Emotions to become the person you've always wanted to become.

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Learn how to Find Inner Stillness and Resilience So you can Traverse Life's Adversities with Empowerment

Undo Mental & Egoic Identification to Free Yourself from Overthinking & Negative Emotions

Discover a Vast Range of Hidden Ancient Hermetic, Buddhist, Taoist, & Japanese Teachings to Evolve Your Awareness & Reduce Your Suffering

How to Reprogram Your Mind & Emotions to Align with your Higher Self who Lives the Life you Want to Live

Instant Download access to the Beyond Duality eBook Which provides you with the Tools, Action Steps, Worksheets & Bonuses you need to become the person you've always desired of becoming

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Stop Suffering, Start Flowing

Ancient wisdom and practical tools to transform your thoughts, emotions, and life.

Explore the nature of duality and realize the unity of creation

Identify mental traps that continue to hook you into suffering & negativity


Evolve your Mind by Reprogramming your perception, thoughts, emotions and habits

  • Part 1 · Shift

    Understanding Why We Suffer

    ✔️ Understand the nature of Duality & Unity

    ✔️ Learn how perception creates reality

    ✔️ Uncover the self induced traps of suffering

    Part 2 · Action

    Releasing What Holds Us Back

    ✔️Learn to flow rather than control

    ✔️ Decoding the the ego & pain body

    ✔️ Understand the perfection of existence

    Part 3 · Tools

    Going Beyond Duality

    ✔️ Pinpointing & realigning limiting beliefs

    ✔️ Journaling techniques to stay aligned

    ✔️ Reprogramming using meditation & affirmation

    Bonus Worksheets🎁

    Monk Mode: Embrace focused discipline to achieve your goals.

    Ikigai: Discover your life's purpose at the intersection of passion, profession, vocation, and mission.

    Chief Desire: Identify your core desire to guide your decision-making.

    Trinity Alignment: Align your mind, body, and spirit for holistic well-being.

    Mental Garden: Cultivate a flourishing mindset by tending your thoughts and emotions.

    Acres of Diamonds Exercise: Uncover the hidden potential within yourself and your circumstances.

    Locus of Control: Master your inner world and take responsibility for your life.

    Total Alignment Doc. Set powerful intentions and align your actions with your goals.

    Gratitude Tracker: Cultivate an attitude of gratitude for a more positive outlook.

    Imaginal Scenes: Craft vivid visualizations to manifest to think from the wish fulfilled.

Exclusive Discount Of $37.95 $18.95

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