Become Interconnectd

The subtle control and influence of the human mind is an undiscussed trillion dollar industry piloted by the top corporations and elite families of this world.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but if you haven’t sensed this at this point, you're probably being played by every trick in the book.

There has been over 20 top secret covert ‘government’ operations, such as MKUltra, or Operation Mockingbird, to name a few. These have been explicitly designed to explore the realms of controlling the human mind and its perception for the benefit of the pilots of these programs.

The news, the media, and the education system have all been intricately designed to subdue your inherent human potential and capacity.

Did you know (proven by Epigenetics) your emotions signal thousands of either upregulating chemicals or downregulating chemicals at any given moment? You Are The Placebo, Biology of Belief

This system is designed to keep you stuck in a loop of fear, sickness, control, and scarcity..

A loop where you have to work away your life for a job you hate.

To eat food that's poisoned:

To wear clothes that ruin your electro-energetic field

To pay the phone bill for your cancer causing phone which radiates EMF at thousands of times of the healthy limit for life on earth. Protect yourself from EMF Bodywell, NoChoice

It's a loop of being stuck in mentalities and ideas of the past that bring you suffering and pain.

A loop that causes you unavoidable pain, misery, and emptiness.

The fact that your reading this is a testament to your awareness of this truth.

That you are being f*cking harvested; mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, for the benefit of a corporation or small exclusive party of people.

These people roll in riches and prosperity, simultaneously allowing thousands of people to die of starvation daily in third world countries.

All while over a million children are being mysteriously abducted every year.

Look it up.

This world we’re in is no joke.

You’ve probably sensed, but things are becoming weird.

We are emerging into a time of unprecedented technology with AI nearly doubling its knowledge-base every couple weeks, and Neuralink being actively rolled out in clinical trial studies as we speak.

The internet took about 20 years to go from 0% adoption to 100% adoption

Cryptocurrency did what the internet did in about a tenth of the time

Now AI has done what crypto did in a couple monthes, with ChatGPT growing to 100 million users in only 9 monthes

We are emerging into a time of true exponentiality.

What does this mean?

It means we're near the technological singularity..

All of those movies we've been seeing since we were children... Weren't just science fiction; they were preparation or 'predictive programming' for what me and you are going to experience in our life time.

Now, I'm not trying to scare you.. Terminator isn't going to happen. Hopefully. Assuming this power doesn't fall into the hands of the people who are already governing this world.
The average person is glued to their phone.

Consuming fluoride poisoned water.

Eating heavy metal contaminated food.

Why is this the world we’ve come to?

While I don’t have a definitive answer for who it is, call it the elites, or maybe even reptilians, the motive of the source of the suffering and pain of this world is clear:

They are trying to reduce and diminish the inherent capacity of every human being.

They are trying to coral us into a greater veil of control, into a dystopian technocracy.

Your probably thinking I'm some yapping conspiracy theorist at this point..

But am I?

Research the WEF, the new world order, the 2030 agenda and the 2045 agenda. It's all publicly available..

They believe in karmic retribution, if they tell us about it, they morally aren’t responsible;

They believe if you give someone a poisoned apple, without telling them, you are guilty.

But if they tell you it's a poisoned apple, and you still eat, it's your fault now.

Logically it makes sense, but do we really want these people running the world?

This is their game. They throw poisoned apples at you in every aspect of your life. And if you don’t consume these poison apples, you're a conspiracy theorist, or a psycho right wing.

Is ‘conspiracy’ just a word used to ostracize people who don’t blindly follow the obviously rigged status quo?

Here's one of numerous ways that this power shift has evolved through out the years.

Take note, if you look up on google any of this, you'll see countless articles 'debunking' these so called myths.

Originally, currency was gold.

The purpose of banks was to be a safe place to store your currency safely.

The introduction of paper money was used as a note to signify your amount of gold--it was inconvenient to carry around gold or use large amounts of it.

Over time, people stopped going back to the bank for their gold and simply used paper money to transact.

In 1910, the Rothschilds, and 7 top members and presidents from JP Morgan gathered together to gather a plan to basically monopolize the dollar which is the global reserve currency--in interests of banking policies and high tier families

To monopolize something is to standardize and control and asset and kick out all the other players from the game so that you can govern and direct the entire process.

As we know, the titanic sunk in 1912. Coincidently J.P Morgan was supposed to go on this voyage, but a couple days before he didn't go on. Why? Who knows.

3 of most wealthy, righteous men--John Jacob Astor IV, Benjamin Guggenheim, and Isidor Straus ended up sinking down in the titanic.

These 3 men were the last threats in the way of monopolization of the dollar.

1 year later, the Federal Reserve was instated. The Federal Reserve is essentially a banking cartel established by phony capitalists and governed by foreign banking interest in seeking higher degrees of profit and control--which came directly out of the freedom and sovereignty of the modern man.

This Federal Reserve instatement was basically a push to convince congress and the public that this group of men was supposedly a protective agency of the United States of America.

Long story short, this enabled this group to take full control of the monetary supply of the worlds global reserve currency. 

They began slowly but surely debasing the currency. Debasement means that banks on the federal level are able to print money out of thin air.

So what? 

How do you earn money?

Time and effort.

So how are they aloud to print millions of dollars to fund their own ventures, and then place the debt on to the modern day civilian?

Through lies and manipulation.

You are legally binded to repay the funding's and money printing of the Federal reserve, which is governed by a group of self interested individuals.

Your SSN or Name is your end of the contract. Their end of the contract is your tax ID.

Ever since the Federal Reserve was instated, this is what has happened to the dollar.

Do you understand what this means? It means your liberty, time and freedom and future has been effectively robbed right from your feet.

So, now you realize how important currency is, and debasement is, right?

I really encourage you to research The Creature From Jekyll Island, and The Bitcoin Standard to understand further how 'Inflation' is disguised theft of your individual rights, liberty, and freedom.

In modern day, this is Blackrock, or Vanguard, or the top 13 families of the world.

This is what happens when you search this on Google

Times are changing. With the internet, we’ve all become hyper aware of the current global powers.

Basically all of us know despite the mass misinformation centers, and the news channels telling us otherwise, that there is something bigger going on, that is being hidden from us.

The mission of this business I have created is to take back the power of the people.

There are so many weak men in this current world, who are slaves to the system. Who completely ignore the situation.

Ignorance is allowance. If you allow something, you're as truth. So which side will you stand for?

What's currently going on is completely unconstitutional, and by no means follows the original amendments and constitutions that America was built off of.

The first step to breaking free from this system is by becoming aware of it.

You need to find conscious liberation from this system, fast.

This is extremely important for the well being of yourself and this planet as well.

All of the information we've comprised is from alike sources to the ones below, stemming from the roots of Christianity all the way to Buddhism and ancient Taoism.

Go study the CIA gateway process, or Mkultra. Or go study the Kybalion, the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, the Tao Te Ching, Reality Transurfing, Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill, Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walshe, and you'll get the unadulterated scoop of everything Interconnectd seeks to roll out on a global scale.

These works should be sufficient to liberate your mind from the tricks and manipulation of this current system that is instilled into us from birth.

If you're still reading, there is something inside of you that resonates with this message.

I want you to join us.

We are in the works of creating a community.

My goal is to create a league of symbiotic business, and effectively create a new economy, with a non debaseable currency, a non corruptible, crowd blockchain based political governance system. A non propagandized misinformation media and education system. Non poisoned food and water. A lifestyle switch to discontinue plastics. A movement to transmute plastic and waste into useful sustainable practices, as already done by people like 'Naturejab' and a handful of other people. Also, water powered vehicles have already been discovered, but the original inventor was killed off by people from the government.

This is all entirely possible. We just need some sort of unifying force and the capacity to work together.

My mission for you is to opt out of the system. Begin growing your own food. Purify your water. Turn off your Wi-Fi when you can. Begin the Homesteading lifestyle. Learn about electro culture and harnessing electricity from the atmosphere. CultivateElevate is extremely versed in this, as well as knowledge about the old earth that has been hidden from us.

To provide global free water, food, electricity, untampered knowledge, and a league of other waste reducing and repurposing businesses.

It's a huge mission, and I can’t even fathom the depth of it, I can only foresee a couple small steps ahead.

That's why I need you and as many people as possible to join me!

I want to create an alliance or unite other like minded businesses in this process, and begin using our own non manipulable governance and currency.

Be apart of the force of light and love.

Things are getting real, the trains are leaving the station:

I believe, based on your resonance frequency, or vibration, you will either ascend into this new earth, or stay behind with the old.

Study the channeling of Bashar to learn more about this

Not one will happen, both will happen, and the one you experience will be based on your own path.

Time is of the essence. This elitest takeover of human energy and sovereignty has been a multi hundred year plan, and 2030 is supposed to mark the complete installation of this plan.

Watch the President of Argentina rip apart Klaus Schwabs WEF Globalism agenda

Note how the comments are turned off...

The first step to ensuring your position in this new age reality, supposing it happens, is to raise your resonant frequency.

When I say that, I'm not talking about some woo woo pseudoscience. The earth resonates at a 7.83 hz, known as Schumann's resonance

Below is something I have crafted, to aid you in the process of fully reprogramming your mind and unwiring the mentalities of limitation, fear, and scarcity that has been placed onto us by external programming.

In doing so, you will be able to raise your resonance frequency to a higher degree.

You will be able to escape the cyclical momentum of your past thoughts, habits, and actions.

A lot of these self help works make it seem super easy, but it really isn't. It takes daily dedication, and working against the flow of your current rut of life.

The longer you pursue your old ways, the more and more difficult it is going to become to escape them.

This is the nature of the mind. 

"What you don't use, you lose" - Dr. Joe Dispenza

"What wires together, fires together"

At first when you seek to change it always seems excessively difficult. That is why I decided to put together this ebook--Loop Breaker that streamlines the process.

I’ve been studying all of these fields intensely for the past 3 years, and the rabbit hole goes way deeper than I ever thought.

This book, Loop breaker, is designed to cover everything necessary to reprogram your mind.

To be interconnected is to have consciously liberated your mind from the veils of manipulation and control.

It's to have a mindset of absolute abundance, in all endeavors.

It's to become a magnetic and inspiring being to all walks of life.

To transition from the outdated Newtonian lens of consciousness--into the new, Quantum realm. To move beyond the veil of limitation and scarcity placed onto us.

It's to raise your resonant frequency to the point in which you understand the laws of the universe and can harness them to your capacity.

I'm not teaching you something new. Of course it's ‘new’ to you. But it's not new to your body and mind.

I am more so revealing the inherent nature of your true essence, your true human capacity

The truth of who you are.

You decided to come into this world

To experience amnesia, forget everything you know, so you can learn it again.

Loop breaker is the conceptual path to this understanding.

The experience and action of course is still up to you.

It's up to you to make a true impact in your life, to actually carry out the underlying intuition that's driving you to continue reading this message.

You are the one. The creator. Don't waste your chance. You only have one.

Loop Breaker

Designed to reprogram your mind and help you live an interconnected life

Within its pages, you'll find:

✅ The core principles that form the foundation of a fulfilled, 'interconnectd' life.

Principles of:

 - The nature of perception

 - External programming & recalibrating your mind

 - Implications of habits

 - The Ego

 - Attachment

 - How to be Magnetic

 - The true laws that form your reality

 - How to actually change your input to get a new output

 - The difference between you & high performers

 - How to cultivate high degrees of focus

 - How to properly meditate, mindset (4 styles of meditation)

And many more...

Upon consuming this book and taking action you will become

-In balance with attaining your goals

-More loving, warm, inspiring, and magnetic to other beings

-More aware of the underlying truths that govern this reality

-A high performer, capable of intense sharp focus

-More intuitive, aware, understanding, and accepting of your own mind and others

-More resilient, faithful, able to believe in the unseen reality

-Purposeful, less driven by short term pleasures and dopamine

-Able to take challenges inspirationally

-Able to remain in a high frequency despite adversity

-More keen to your true mission and purpose on this planet

-In touch with your shadow self, past programming

-Ability to unwire past programming and loops that you can’t seem to escape from

This journey won’t just impact you. It will impact everyone you meet for the rest of time. They’ll see you and be instantly inspired. Of course, some will ridicule you, but that won’t affect you as it used to.

This is the way of becoming Interconnected.

This is what we believe the message of people like Jesus, Gandhi, Buddha, and many others tried to preach.

I’ve modernized their lessons into applicable and understandable concepts, to be instantly used and implemented into your life.

I decided to toss in a numerous amount of bonuses to further assist you in reprogramming your mind. These are all things that I have used in my own journey and I’ve found them very helpful in the process.

✅ Bonus #1: Journaling framework

This journaling framework teaches you 2 daily journaling strategies that are extremely powerful for rewiring your mind.

Learn the 'Second Brain' technique that allows you to easily track the mindsets and ideas you want to implement into your life.

It's all too easy to get lost in the sauce when you're first coming into the game of trying to rewire your mind. 

You'll wake up inspired one day, and then forget the next day. These frameworks are made to completely eliminate that.

They'll teach you to implement your mindsets and ideas on a bi daily process, while also carrying out the process of pruning or mental revision--the tool that enables you to unwire the bad and rewire the good into your mind, every single day.

✅ Bonus #2: Meditation Framework

The meditation framework will give you the ins and outs of how to actually meditate in a way that effectively reprograms your mind. With the Loop Breaker Ebook & this Meditation Framework you'll understand the practical science, and techniques to effectively meditate.

Unlike the average methods of teaching meditations, which are not very insightful into the underlying motives and mindsets behind meditations, our take on meditation is definitely not something you've heard about in the status quo techniques--this isn't a sales pitch.. Its true.

Most meditation techniques with the aspect of reprogramming will just leave you in an obnoxious loop of unsuccessfully meditating and basically wasting time.. Making it 10 times easier to give up.

How do I know? I've tried all of them myself.

And without the proper understanding and mentality behind it, you'll probably just try it once or twice and never try it again.. Or maybe when you're having a bad day you'll come back to it.

Our framework instills into you the long term, based view on meditation, the reasoning and science behind it, and the actual implications of traversing into sub theta wave level meditations.

You'll learn numerous subconscious-conscious meditations to employ in your daily life to actually make a change.

Also, an MP3 file is included with all of the affirmations included for rewiring your mind for emotional, relational, assumptions, and wealth success.

✅ Bonus #3: Personal Booklist

In this book list you'll get 50+ books based on spirituality, metaphysics, quantum physics, the nature of the universe, business, relationships, mindsets, psychology, and many more topics.

✅ Bonus #4: 100 Mentalities

In this bonus, you will get 100 mentalities to use in your journaling or mind rewiring endeavors. They cover money, personal judgment, assumptions, laws of reality, relationships, and many other topics. They cover the inherent nature of suffering, attachment, etc

✅ Bonus #5: MP3 Rewire Meditation Audio Files

Inside of the Loop Breaker book once you’ve gotten to the part on meditations you will find the link to download the MP3’s. They are short but contain over 100 unique affirmations for reprogramming your mind. They are not the same as the bonus 100 mentalities included with this product.

The price

I wanted this to be a widespread solution which is easily accessible to anyone who desired it. The Loop breaker ebook and the attached bonuses contain information from a vast plethora of books and authors, from the bible all the way to modern day quantum physics.

For about the cost of one book, or about one meal from the average restaurant, you're getting access to a compiled understanding of hundreds of books on self help, spirituality, and quantum science.

So rather than going out and buying all of those books yourself, I designed this to be the all in one solution that contains everything necessary.

This isn't just an eBook. it's an entry point into a journey of awakening. A tool that can help you ensure your alignment with the transition to this greater world.

I want to be explicit, I'm not one of those people who is gonna convince you of something that I can't guarantee is gonna happen.

I just have a sense. I've had this sense for years now. This sense has been a mix of intuition and thousands of hours of consuming information in the categories of old world knowledge, psychology, spirituality, quantum physics, the nature of reality, epigenetics, and various other topics.

The further I've delved in, the more and more confused about this world I became. 

Until the past couple monthes. The idea of creating a new economy dawned on me. 

Really I've just been trying to figure out what the hell is going on..

Its entirely possible to create a completely automated, non manipulable infrastructure based on blockchain, non immutable software, and crowd governance based politics.

We don't need to recreate everything. We just need to start with those fundamentals. The only way they control us is through money, water, food, and electricity.

My mission is to gather brilliant minds who can plot out the infrastructure and begin at once to partner with and provide global unpoisoned water and food, spread knowledge of how to harness electricity from the atmosphere, and finally begin using a currency and political system that is non manipulable..

And after a long illusive search, I feel confident that this is the path.

Create a new economy.

Its the only way to realistically take back control.

It's taken a lot of courage to come out and spread this message.

As we know many people who have attempted at similar manners have ended up supposedly k!lling themselves..

Were they?

Or were they silenced by the all seeing rulers of this dictatorship headed world...

Join me. 

Share this.

For the sake of your future, your children's future, and the future of the planet.

The first step to change, is to change the mind. Begin below.